New York Times Bestselling Author

Based on true events


As the adopted son of an abusive father, seventeen-year-old Dean feels alone in the world and sees the world through jaded, bitter eyes. With music and a few close friends as his only toeholds, he acts out in self-destructive ways. When Dean is forced to go to a new school for troubled kids, he encounters a gifted student who changes his negative mindset. But is the school’s philosophy of love enough to transform Dean’s life completely…or are his scars too deep to overcome?



As the director of a school for artistically gifted students, Mia has devoted herself to her life’s passion to the exclusion of all other things, including romantic love. When the school is threatened with financial ruin, she finds herself at a crossroads that involves two men, the island of Kauai, and a decision. Will Mia run away from herself and all that’s important to her…or will the power of love save the day?



From acclaimed celebrity photographer and hair stylist Mitch Stone and NYT Bestselling Author Riley J. Ford, THE GOAL is a thought-provoking, funny, and raw collaboration that explores the transformative powers of love in those brave enough to experience it…and what it means to truly live.